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Call for Papers!

by Ulises Pabón

What do you really enjoy doing? What job would you craft if you had a choice? What strengths would you tap on and what interest would you pursue?

We’re looking for professionals interested in co-creating their next job. Cooking and music – as much as we enjoy these hobbies – are out-of-scope. In-scope is anything that you can think of that will contribute to our mission: partnering with clients to deliver substantial and lasting improvements in business performance.

QBS, LLC is a platform of high-caliber T-profile professionals that enjoy doing and learning. QBS stands for Quality for Business Success. Our consulting business started 30 years ago, teaching and implementing Quality principles and practices in all types of organizations. Today, our four consulting pillars are business strategy formulation, creativity & innovation processes, operational excellence, and organizational development & culture. Our client portfolio includes businesses and organizations of all sizes, from all sectors. Our core practice is centered in Puerto Rico with a periphery of engagements in the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

If you are experienced in business consulting, enjoy solving wicked problems, and you’re ready to shift gears in your professional life, don’t send us your resume. It’ll end up in the wastebasket.

Send us a paper. Or, better yet, a love letter. Blow us away! Tell us what you have in mind. What moves you. What you want to create. If we see a fit, we’ll talk. If we don’t, we’ll talk. Maybe you’ll convince us otherwise.

This is our next lap. Our next 30 years. We can’t predict the future but we can create it. Our mindset is optimistic, with a healthy dosage of paranoia, and apathy for complacency. Can you think of a better formula to create the future?

Send you paper to

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